Polarfront - Time series at 66°N 2°E - 2001-2009
Nutrients, inorganic Carbon, Chl-a, Phaeopigments, Salinity and Temperature
Iceland Sea GNS - Time Series - 1991-2006
Nutrients, inorganic Carbon, Salinity and Temperature


Atlantic Meridional Transect (AMT) 1-20
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The MB95-01 cruise is downloaded from, and a subset of paramters: salinity and temperature is used in this database. 
Wanninkhof, R. 2004. Underway surface fCO2 data measured during the NOAA 
Around-the-World-1995 Cruise.
Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US Department 
of Energy, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. doi: 10.3334/CDIAC/otg.MB_1995_NOAA

Southern Ocean

Name Year Expocode Cruise info Parameters recorded
PS22 -  ANT X/6 1992 06AQ19920929  

Nutrients, inorganic Carbon, POC, Primary Production, Chl-a via fluorometry, Salinity, Temperature and various Bacteria, Zooplankton and Pythoplankton

SR04 1998 06AQ19980328   Nutrients, inorganic Carbon, Salinity, Temperature
SANAE 48 2008/2009 91AA20081223  Cruise Report DO, Salinity, Nutrients, Chl-a via fluorometry and HPLC
SANAE 49 2009/2010  91AA20091209 Cruise Report Nutrients, Chl-a via fluorometry and HPLC
SANAE 50 2010/2011  91AA20101208 Cruise Report  DO, Nutrients and Chl-a via fluorometry
Winter Cruise  2012 91AH20120710



DO, Nutrients, Chl-a via fluorometry and POC
Expedition Cruise 2013 91AA20130108 Cruise Report DO, Nutrients and Chl-a via fluorometry
SOSCEx 2013 91AA20130215 Cruise Report  Nutrients, Chl-a via fluorometry and POC
SANAE 52 2014 91AH20121207 Cruise Report DO and Chl-a via fluorometry