Quality flags

The following are the data quality flags used in the GreenSeas in situ database

Bottle Flags

Flag Description
0 No problem reported
1 Filter burst
2 Leakage contamination
3 Bottle misfire
4 Bottles fired in incorrect order
5 Bottle leak
6 Partial sample loss
7 Empty
8 Questionable depth


Data Flags

Flag Description
N/A Unqualified
< Below detection limit
> In excess of quoted value
A Taxonomic flag for affinis (aff.)
B Beginning of CTD Down/Up Cast
C Taxonomic flag for confer (cf.)
D Thermometric depth
E End of CTD Down/Up Cast
G Non-taxonomic biological characteristic uncertainty
H Extrapolated value
I Taxonomic flag for single species (sp.)
K Improbable value - unknown quality control source
L Improbable value - originator's quality control
M Improbable value - BODC quality control
N Null value
O Improbable value - user quality control
P Trace/calm
Q Indeterminate
R Replacement value
S Estimated value
T Interpolated value
U Uncalibrated
W Control value
X Excessive difference